About Us

The first DoorstepDelivery.com® was established February 29, 2008 by William Moore and Andrew Brown. They soon joined partners with industry veterans Daniel Sinor and Tom Colangelo, who started the first Restaurant Delivery Service, Gatorfood.com, in 1999. The four owners have setup and established successful branches all over the country.

DoorstepDelivery.com® and their professional team of "mobile waiters" are revolutionizing the way people eat, allowing the convenience of having your favorite restaurants delivered directly to your home, office, or event. Until recently, people who wanted food delivered other than the traditional Chinese or Pizza have had to pick up themselves. For occasions where people needed to feed a large group, the options were limited unless you wanted to pay a huge premium to have a professional catering service handle it. Doorstep Delivery now allows people to get what they want (select from their favorite restaurants), where they want (home, office, hotel, event, beach, hospital ...), when they want (order now or place for future delivery), and how they want it (delivered, picked-up, dine-in).

DoorstepDelivery.com® has taken a concept, created a system, tested that system, improved upon that system, then tested that system and improved upon it some more. DoorstepDelivery.com® knows that to be the best, involves the ability to adapt, change, and listen to our customers. It is only recently with breakthroughs and affordability of technology involved in the Restaurant Delivery Service (RDS) industry that this type of business has been able to thrive and offer everything previous RDS's have failed to deliver. Our motto is "You Crave, We Deliver" and we will continue to deliver on our promise for as long as we exist!

Background of the Owners

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown graduated from the University of Vermont in 1998 with a degree in Small Business Management and a minor in Advertising. He first brought his hunger for business to New York City where he learned the financial side of business working for an investment manager called Clay Finlay. Five years later, he brought his talents to Florida where he aligned himself with a group of successful entrepreneurs. In Orlando FL, Brown helped start up the most successful branch of a company called National Land Partners, who was the largest buyer and seller of land in the country at the time. As the real estate market declined, he familiarized himself with market trends. Having a keen eye for market cycles and a knack for filling demands, he and William Moore identified the next big growing industry; restaurant marketing and delivery. It was then that Doorstep Delivery was born.

William Moore, Owner

William Moore graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rollins College in 1999 located in Winter Park, FL. Soon after he bought and sold real estate, forming Rollins Rentals (www.rentinwinterpark.com), which still operates and focuses on higher end, off-campus housing targeting students from his Alma Mater.

In 2006 he was hired on to the FL branch of National Land Partners, one of the largest buyers and sellers of land in the United States, as a land consultant. In his first year with the company, William was awarded "Top Salesman Of The Year" with over $10 mil. in land sales.

In 2008 he joined forces with Andrew Brown to form Doorstep Delivery (www.doorstepdelivery.com) in Orlando which quickly rose to be one of the fastest growing restaurant delivery services (RDS) in the country, shattering previous sales growth records.  Today, their Orlando branch holds the coveted title of being the #1 Doorstep Delivery branch in terms of sales as well as one of the most successful RDS' in the country.

In 2010, Andrew and William went on to partner with Tom Colangelo and Daniel Sinor to form Restaurant Delivery Developers (RDD) which is quickly becoming the top franchiser of RDS' in the country.

Tom Colangelo

Tom Colangelo, born in NY, raised in South Fl, was accepted to the University of Fl in 1997. Two years later, while studying at the Warrington College of Business University at the University of FL, he started his first restaurant delivery service named Gatorfood.com. Over the next few years, through much trial and error, he developed an extremely efficient and effective system for restaurant marketing and delivery services (rds). Subsequently, Gatorfood became one of the largest and most well known restaurant delivery services in the industry. Then in 2008, he took that system to Tallahassee, Fl where he started his second restaurant delivery service, CapitalCityFood.com. After the instant success ofCapitalCityFood.com and consulting for over 40 other rds's in the industry, he knew it was the right time to franchise the concept. So in 2011, he partnered with William Moore and Andrew Brown of DoorstepDelivery Orlando, and Daniel Sinor, his partner in Capitalcityfood.com, bringing together the most successful minds in the industry, and creating the DoorstepDelivery franchise opportunity.

Daniel Sinor

Daniel Sinor graduated from the University of Florida in 2005 with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Entrepreneurship. He started a company while in college called Gator Greek Pages a directory of important contact information for members of the Greek community. The directory was free for students and the venture was funded by selling advertising within the directory. While selling advertising, Daniel landed an opportunity to do marketing with Gatorfood. Daniel succeeded in learning every aspect of the business and excelled quickly. It was then that Tom Colangelo proposed a new business opportunity for Daniel and CapitalCityFood was born in Tallahassee, FL. While Tom and Daniel worked diligently to expand their successful businesses others were impressed with their techniques and looked to them for consulting. This is when they met William and Andrew and they decided to franchise "The Restaurant Delivery" concept and became DoorstepDelivery.com.

History of the RDS Concept

DoorstepDelivery.com® was started by Restaurant Delivery Service (RDS) expert, Tom Colangelo.

In 1999, Tom started his first RDS business at age 20 in Gainesville, FL, home of the University of Florida Gators. The aptly named company,GatorFood.com, becoming a huge success, growing from an idea to a multi-million dollar business within its first few years.

GatorFood.com quickly became a household name in Gainesville. One of the most successful delivery service companies in the state of Florida, GatorFood.com consistently breaks its own records, year after year. With such success, it's no surprise that large chain restaurants around the state began contacting Tom, wanting to bring GatorFood.com's outstanding services to cities throughout Florida.

Soon Tom took GatorFood.com to Florida's capital, where he started CapitalCityFood.com with partner Daniel Sinor. When Tom and Daniel saw CapitalCityFood.com turn a profit in only three months, and they knew they had the formula for success in Restaurant Delivery Service.

Building on their success in Gainesville and Tallahassee, Tom and Daniel partnered with William Moore and Andrew Brown to start DoorstepDelivery.com® of Orlando. The fastest growing Restaurant Delivery Service in the country,DoorstepDelivery.com® Orlando boasted almost $2 million in sales in its first year alone.

The colossal success of GatorFood.com, CapitalCityFood.com, and DoorstepDelivery.com® of Orlando has garnered national interest and created a unique opportunity for growth through franchising. Tom, Daniel, William, and Andrew have turned their widely successful business model into a franchise package and are now making that opportunity available to business owners around the country.

Customer Raves!

Here are just a few comments from our loyal customers:
“This website is a God Sent. I couldn’t live without it. I work long hours and the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is get dressed up to go out to eat. This lets me enjoy amazing food without the hassle.”
– Celina Suarez

"I love the idea of Doorstep Delivery!! I have been waiting forever for something like this. We have 3 kids so it is nice to still eat the really good food and not have to deal with 3 small kids in a restaurant."
– Jeanette West